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Parking Blocks and Speed Bumps Edmonton

  A Parking Block is the block at the end of the parking stall that stops a driver from pulling into the stall too far.  These are sometimes called parking stops, wheel stops or even curb stops.  
They are normally made out of concrete.  They usually start out rather broad at the base and then taper in slightly towards the top.  The block will usually have bolt holes on it for where the spikes should go. Mark those spots on the parking lot surface, move the block away, and then drill a hole to place a spike into it.  Repeat that for the next hole.  Replace the block, lining up the bolt holes with the holes just drilled.  Then hammer a steel spike (approximately 18 inches long) through the block and into the ground.  This should secure the block in place.
Vehicles will often hit these blocks unintentionally, as they are parking.  Eventually, they may need some repair and maintenance.  If you assign stalls for staff, you may also need to touch up the painted numbers on the blocks so they are easily visible.

speed bump is used to control traffic speed in the parking lot.  They should be placed in and around areas that produce pedestrian traffic for safety.  Parking lots are no exception.  Pedestrians are walking to and from their vehicles.  Traffic speed can be deterred by placing speed bumps in the flow path.  Make sure that they are visible to drivers by having them painted and maintained.  There is nothing more frustrating for drivers than to hit a speed bump that wasn't marked clearly.  

For both parking blocks and speed bumps, it would be a good idea to have these marked with paint.  Another concern you will have with pedestrians is that they could trip over one.  This could cause bodily injury.  While you would hope that attention would be given, sometimes people are distracted.  For the safety of your visitors, you may want to mark both of these clearly.  

Edmonton Parking Blocks Speed Bumps

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