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Asphalt Crack Filling Edmonton

Parking Lot cracks will develop overtime.  They will make your lot appear very unattractive to visitors.  And, depending on the type of crack, they can spread to cover the majority of your lot.  More and more cracks can appear at the end of the life cycle of your parking lot.
There are several different kinds of cracks and the treatment of them may vary.  Alligator cracks look somewhat like you would expect on an alligator.  Many connected crack patterns.  You may also see horizontal cracking or vertical cracking that spreads.  As well as perpendicular cracking.  Quick treatment of any crack will help reduce it spreading and save cost in the long run.  Routine inspection of the Parking Lot is required to help minimize this effect.
If cracks go untreated, you are allowing moisture to deteriorate the asphalt.  And you will end up with a costly repair bill in the long run.
The most common crack filler used for asphalt lots is a rubberized asphalt-emulsion crack filler.  The first coat will need 24 hours before a second coat can be applied.  You should restrict traffic in the affected area for 24 to 48 hours after the repair. 
But it is important to note that this is not always the best solution for parking lot cracks.
It is important to consult with professionals to understand the type of cracks you are experiencing.  They will then be able to assess whether a filler will resolve the issue or if you will need something more extensive to resolve it more permanently.
If you have cracking and need it assessed or fixed, contact Edmonton Parking Lot Maintenance for assistance.  We can determine the type of cracking and advise you on what the correct remedy should be.  Call us at 587.410.7122 for a free quote.  

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